Frequently asked questions

Do you provide hoops in class?

Yes, I have speciality sport-weighted hoops in various sizes suitable for both Hoop Dance and Hoop Yoga. I have a small number of gently used hoops for sale HERE, but I recommend the vendor below for new hoops and flow props.

Where can I buy hoops? 


What size hoop should I buy?

When starting out use a bigger, heavier sport or fitness weight hoop anywhere from 37-42". For off-body/hand hooping you can use a lighter, smaller hoop made from HDPE or Poly Pro and when you get more comfortable with it, that can also be your on-body hoop! has an awesome article on hoop sizing HERE.

I haven’t picked up a hula hoop since I was a kid/ever, will I be able to do it?

Yes! Everyone, regardless of gender, age and shape can hoop! Be patient with your progress as people learn in different ways and at different rates. Don't give up! With practice and flight time, you WILL get it and it will feel awesome!

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes that you can MOVE in and that make you feel FABULOUS! Hoops love skin or natural fibers like cotton or bamboo and make it easier for the hoop to stay in flight on the body and not fall to the ground. Workout/Yoga clothes are a good bet! I encourage flair and sparkles! Also, bring your sports water bottle to stay hydrated!